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About Us

What is Bien Joué?

          Bien Joué is a leading educational toy company designed to invite children to build their own concept of the world and to inspire, entertain, and help develop children through play. Bien Joué is an online pop-up concept selling educational toys by combining extensive e-commerce strategies with meticulous choice of product lines.


          My name is Sara Kaliounji, and I am based in Los Angeles, California. I am pleased to share with you my website inspired by my experience with children throughout my education. I have a B.A. in Human Development: Active Learning Across the Lifespan, a B.A. in Clinical and Pathological Psychology, and an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Trauma Studies Specialization. 

          I have done extensive work in the child development field, and have worked with children for many years via many non-profit and for-profit organizationsWith that being said, I have always wanted to find creative and innovative ways to serve a new generation, as well as give children happy and healthy opportunities to grow and develop through play. 

          I truly believe that the landscape of childhood shapes us, as it shapes our character, our stories, and our futures. I strongly believe that a child's experience with play can serve as a predictor of their future health and wellness. 


          Our motto is to provide children with healthy growth through all stages of development, and to create happiness in their childhood while enjoying learning all aspects of life. The toys focus on a variety of developmental skills including cognitive, fine motor, social, emotional, and many more.

          Our team helps toy manufacturers sell to global customers, encouraging children of all ages and needs to learn, create, and expand their imagination through different types of play. 

          Play is fundamentally important for learning 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, and problem solving. For this reason, we aspire to offer a large system of learning, innovating, thinking, fun, and creating to help all parents who want to bring enriching experiences to their children. 

Why are we different?

          Bien Joué is a unique e-commerce platform, launched under unprecedented times in order to cultivate learning, support children’s development, and help them thrive through play. 

          Our social media shares daily educational facts for parents and includes information on a child’s stages of development, including psycho-social, behavioral, cognitive, and play. Moreover, we incorporate psychological theories about the importance of play in children. Our website focuses on educational toys and combines products and activities from different manufacturers in order to serve all children including children with special needs.